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Emanet 125. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 125 Promo 

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

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Jeanne Celia
Jeanne Celia თვის წინ
I’m loving this series!especially Halil but is this series still running or is it finished? How many episodes?
Elona Qershia
Elona Qershia თვის წინ
Bir elmanın yarısı bu şark size çok yakışıyor
ايام الزهور
ايام الزهور თვის წინ
المسلسل جميل جدا لو سمحتم قولو للمؤلف لا يطول المسلسل با أحداث سخيفة وممله مشان يطول المسلسل
Maureen Wignall
Maureen Wignall თვის წინ
I have no idea. To tear it up in front of her mayb 🤷
Indra Samuel
Indra Samuel თვის წინ
I am going to watch it over episode 125 i love how Shere showed love to Yaman i love it
Estefi თვის წინ
Y los subtítulos! ???
Laura Tocaci
Laura Tocaci თვის წინ
Se pare că Yaman şi Seher nu se strigă pe nume....aşa se vor striga până se termină serialul adică Mătuşa şi Unchiul ?
Dr.shaimaa Adel
Dr.shaimaa Adel თვის წინ
Why translation in english stopped
Yahya Hüseynov
Yahya Hüseynov თვის წინ
Yeter ya sabrimiz tukandi reklam bitmediki
Juliana Marins
Juliana Marins თვის წინ
Olha Seher, a gente tem umas ideias pra você kkkkk🤣. Que pergunta é essa, o que fazer sozinha com esse espetáculo do seu lado? 🤔 ... 🤗❤️🇧🇷
Maureen Wignall
Maureen Wignall თვის წინ
Hey Joan Smith. I am a piscean lol
Dizi_aşkları თვის წინ
Acaba balayina nereye gidicekler 👇
Dizi_aşkları თვის წინ
Seher cok mutlu. Hatta mutlulukdan elini camdan bile cikariyor 👇
Dizi_aşkları თვის წინ
Cok guzel olucak. Birazdan basliyicak yeni bolumu. Seherle Yaman artik bas-basa. Belki orda soyler her seyi. Seher cok sanslisin ya gercekten. Deyerlendir bence. Ama tabi sende olmasaydin yamanda boyle olmazdi. Iyiki varsiniz👇
Elida Leanos
Elida Leanos თვის წინ
Emanet team needs to make up to all FANS this honeymoon needs to be EPIC UNFORGETTABLE VERY LOVELY ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tanja Božić Petrovski
Tanja Božić Petrovski თვის წინ
Please, translate 125 episode
Gleyde Carvalho
Gleyde Carvalho თვის წინ
Que homem mais inseguro é este. E a Seher tem que deixar a timidez de lado. Estão casados, seja pelo Yusulf, ou vai perder sua guarda.
Ilwad Abdi
Ilwad Abdi თვის წინ
I think we kind of wasted for 3 months 4 months winter and she went back all the way the beginning again demolishing the girl again so I don't get it I'm not interested anymore
slamwors gaming
slamwors gaming თვის წინ
Eng sub title plss plss
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela თვის წინ
S: God what I’m going to do now? Alone.... in one room.... Y: every new journey scares you as much as it makes you happy. But we’re already there. Don’t be afraid anymore. Our road is long. We have a long way to go together. S: since... we’re getting used to being together... then the other half is yours.
Queen Cersei
Queen Cersei თვის წინ
Seher yine çamaşır yıkamaya giden kadınlar gibi giyinmiş balayına gidiyor.
Remziyye Axundova
Remziyye Axundova თვის წინ
Ayy canlarım benim.cok tatlisiniz.🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💕
Aygun Ibadova
Aygun Ibadova თვის წინ
Sizi seviyorum Çok yakışıyorlar ❤💜👌🏻
Kalusugan Alamin
Kalusugan Alamin თვის წინ
When is the release of the full episode?
Maya Fetullayeva
Maya Fetullayeva თვის წინ
Yaman ve seher gecek sevgili olsular❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Nuala Duffy
Nuala Duffy თვის წინ
No, English sub-titles for clips...what's the story???
Nuala Duffy
Nuala Duffy თვის წინ
@Cristina_ Angela thank you, very much appreciated...🙂🙂🙂👁👁
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela თვის წინ
S: God what I’m going to do now? Alone.... in one room.... Y: every new journey scares you as much as it makes you happy. But we’re already there. Don’t be afraid anymore. Our road is long. We have a long way to go together. S: since... we’re getting used to being together... then the other half is yours.
Rania Rafaella
Rania Rafaella თვის წინ
The beauty that radiance from a married woman, because she is very happy. Seher (Sila) is so beautiful. She is so happy.
Maya Fetullayeva
Maya Fetullayeva თვის წინ
Maya Fetullayeva
Maya Fetullayeva თვის წინ
Yaman gecek sev seheri💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Maya Fetullayeva
Maya Fetullayeva თვის წინ
Seher yaman sizi cok sevyorum❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Rosaline Chhakchhuak
Rosaline Chhakchhuak თვის წინ
Emanet is killing me every day..the story didn't go the way viewers want them to go..it's heart breaking 😭
biji rani
biji rani თვის წინ
You know what I want (and probably won't get)? Let them confess their love, or not. Doesn't matter. That's not what marriage is about. They are married. What they need is to trust each other when it matters. Let the snakes bring the files up, Yaman should keep trusting her. Let them.cook up more schemes. What I need is for SehYam to act like an actual couple and deal with all problems together. Then slowly confess their love. Or not. They already know that they love each other. No need for a confession. just stay together and be each other's rock. ❤️🙏
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg თვის წინ
Totally agree....bt i won't be dissapoint with yaman if he doubts on seher...bcoz he had the horrible past...his father also loved his mother, his father trust on her...bt she betrayed not only his father bt also her kids...that woman left her family just bcoz his father's illness nd poverty...a woman may b can leave his husband due to lack of money bt her babies😟😟....and we can't deny the fact there are person in this world who cheat their partners....
Nona Nurwana
Nona Nurwana თვის წინ
Gessy Morais de Sousa
Gessy Morais de Sousa თვის წინ
زهرة الياسمين
زهرة الياسمين თვის წინ
المسلسل جميل جداً رجاء قولو للموئلف لا يخرب المسلسل بمواقف سخيفه مشان يطول المسلسل
Maria M.
Maria M. თვის წინ
Time schedule for episode 125: Yaman watches Seher stick his hand out of the car window / 5 minutes /, Yaman buys Seher an apple / 5 minutes /, Seher decides if he can give Yaman half an apple-if it's not too intimate / 5 minutes /, Yaman sadly to Seher at dinner when he won't let him speak / 5 minutes /, Yaman nervously walking in front of the hotel room when Seher changes / 5 minutes /, Yaman sleeping in the hotel corridor becose Seher won't let him sleep in the room + his memory of unzipping wedding dress, so far the only touch with her skin / 10 minutes /, Zia thinking about Seher and memories of taking care of the garden with him / 5 minutes /, Zuhal and Igbal traditional planning how to get rid of Seher with eyes full of tears and anger, Zuhal will not scream much today, because he is in convalescence, so it will be shorter / 10 minutes /, Firat in love and not yet understanding Neslihan / 10 minutes / 🤞🤞🤞
Sreedevi Pillai
Sreedevi Pillai თვის წინ
Ilma Morais
Ilma Morais თვის წინ
Me parece que ela cheira a pele dele, e não o cabelo é a testa.
sunshine03 თვის წინ
The real drama begins after they go behind bedroom doors. Only then their marriage will be really real because they have already shared all this intimacy and love beforehand afterwards there love will be on a deeper level so hopefully when the file appears because we all know it will, Yaman will be man enough to believe in his wife's love and not go all psycho crazy because this will totally break Sehers heart.
elida almao
elida almao თვის წინ
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela თვის წინ
S: Dios, ¿qué voy a hacer ahora? Solo ... en una habitación ... Y: cada nuevo viaje te asusta tanto como te hace feliz. Pero ya estamos ahí. No tengas más miedo. Nuestro camino es largo. Tenemos un largo camino por recorrer juntos. S: ya que ... nos estamos acostumbrando a estar juntos ... entonces la otra mitad es tuya.
Seguimos en pie de lucha... con la esperanza que se declaren sus sentimientos.... Serhe❤Yaman...
Enjoy Music
Enjoy Music თვის წინ
This marriage even if it is formality, it has to stay for long years because there is no room for divorce or separation otherwise they risk losing Yusuf for the social security. I read some people wrote that Seher leaves the mansion and separate from Yaman: If this is true then what will happen to Yusuf, does he stay in the mansion and Ikbal will call the SS again? Or Seher remains in the mansion and the relationship with Yaman will be like hell! Ikbal and Zuhal have no chance to get rid of seher unless they kill her or kill Yusuf (also I read some people say that this is going to happen). But who will protect Seher and Yusuf from being killed, is it Ziya or Yaman? Or Cenger starts to have more eyes on Ikbal and Zuhal. Ikbal and Zuhal should be frightened from Seher, her brother is a police officer and Ali too, so Seher can ask them to investigate all false evidence. I am thinking loudly here so we can predict the characters of the series and what is their roles. What will Ikbal do when she learns that Ali is Yaman's and Ziya's brother? does she try to harm Ali? Does Ikbal like the relatiohship between Nesilhan and Firat? or she tries to do something for them? Ikbal should have to face more threats than any other person in the mansion; do the writers keep portraying her the one who has all the room and the resources to engineer and implement her plans? Or we can see Ikbal and Zuhal threatened and trapped and frightened?
Savie smor
Savie smor თვის წინ
There are lots of photoshopped images and false story rumors about this series in youtube and social media sties. Just watch it as they broadcast everyday. Its just a fictional story...you have to take it as entertainment. Both lead actors are awesome talent! Hope the writer give justice to them and not adopt stupid storyline further.
Maria M.
Maria M. თვის წინ
your thinking is too logical, this way the screenwriter is obviously not able to think ....
Suraya Sukiron
Suraya Sukiron თვის წინ
Is it only me or Yaman is using too much hair gel?? 😀 whatever it is I still love him anyway 🥰
Maureen Ohara
Maureen Ohara თვის წინ
Where subtittle?????? Pleaseeeeee
Maureen Ohara
Maureen Ohara თვის წინ
@Cristina_ Angela thank u so much
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela თვის წინ
S: God what I’m going to do now? Alone.... in one room.... Y: every new journey scares you as much as it makes you happy. But we’re already there. Don’t be afraid anymore. Our road is long. We have a long way to go together. S: since... we’re getting used to being together... then the other half is yours.
Elveda Yaldir
Elveda Yaldir თვის წინ
Bir elmanin yarisi biri sensin biri ben Haydi bismilah seherle yamana mutlu mesutttt
Laviniaa 4
Laviniaa 4 თვის წინ
Enjoy Music
Enjoy Music თვის წინ
but really and I am thinking the whole file issue is a question mark? they produced a pile of photos, a recording and letters. the photos are a lot and Yaman should question: how they got those photos, and how they got hold of the letters and how they recorded Seher voice? If he does not question those then he is stupid and dump. Second the handwriting is not seher's because he has a sample of her handwriting with the small note she wrote him while in the hospital
NS NS თვის წინ
If Yaman will not raise these questions that means Nazmiye is planning to kill Yaman charactor. Hilal has done a fantastic job to portrait the character of Yaman, they shouldn’t ruin it.
Гулнора Якубова
Гулнора Якубова თვის წინ
Гузал гузал гузал ошиким Яман ва Сахар💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤
mahdia noorusslam
mahdia noorusslam თვის წინ
Whenll this episode be 0n air
Shafaq Zeeshan
Shafaq Zeeshan თვის წინ
English subtitles please
Shafaq Zeeshan
Shafaq Zeeshan თვის წინ
Thanks but I am biggest fan of this drama at least they should show english subtitles as the ever do before
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela თვის წინ
S: God what I’m going to do now? Alone.... in one room.... Y: every new journey scares you as much as it makes you happy. But we’re already there. Don’t be afraid anymore. Our road is long. We have a long way to go together. S: since... we’re getting used to being together... then the other half is yours.
Carmen Fuentes
Carmen Fuentes თვის წინ
Que está pasando, llevo unos días que no lo veo, pero leo los comentarios de Uds. Que no ponen los avances con subtítulos español, esto ya viene siendo normal, te enganchan a la serie y luego te dejan sin subtítulos, a mi me pasó que empece a ver otra serie de la Sra Nazmiye, en español, hasta el capítulo 10 bien, luego encontré una página y empezaron a subtitularla al español, bueno segui viéndola hasta el final de la segunda temporada hasta capítulo 245, luego debido a la pandemia se paro, empezaron la tercera temporada can creo por lo que leo por las redes por el capítulo 314 y sólo creo se han subtitulado 22 capítulos, la serie que estoy hablando también es de la misma guionista, o sea que tranquilamente nos podemos quedar sin enterarnos de nada si no sabemos turco, esto es lo que duele pasar con las series de ésta guionista, a por cierto de la seríe que les hablo se llama YEMIN,
Angelyta Sliu
Angelyta Sliu თვის წინ
By the way, I had read on the internet, that maybe next week Yaman will find out about the blue folder. Seher will be lost in the forest... How Yaman will call her when going to find her? ''My wife! Mrs. Kirimli! Hey you!'' ??? Or... or ''SE- HER!!!!!'' Oh, curious.
Maria M.
Maria M. თვის წინ
No, he will call: Where are YOU who took me only out of formality and whom I must not reach or approach for the rest of my life because you would have a heart attack?
S R თვის წინ
Good! Usualy those situation bring them closer 🙂 Maybe we will have hug or kiss
Caterina Piazza
Caterina Piazza თვის წინ
il frutto del desiderio
Turan Musdafazade
Turan Musdafazade თვის წინ
Seherin geyimleri deyiwin cox zovqsuz geyindirsiz kizin olan gozeliyinde itirir geyimleri
Cavid Sikyev
Cavid Sikyev თვის წინ
❤❤❤❤AŞK ❤❤❤❤❤
aliw santiago
aliw santiago თვის წინ
I wonder they could fall in love each other in true life they are fully match ,lovely couple then can't wait for the next episode how i admire both Yaman and Seher as they act like a true in life !
Veronica Nyoto
Veronica Nyoto თვის წინ
Oo God,why yaman too handsome,hot,cold man,lucky women that's close and love on this reality😊
Ayesha Imran
Ayesha Imran თვის წინ
I think writer makes open up zuhal and ikbal intentions infront of seher, that time they confused Yemen, that's a old situation create when yemen will screaming to seher,
Marilia Cotrim
Marilia Cotrim თვის წინ
Tradus em português por favor
Lyn Allison
Lyn Allison თვის წინ
Seher to stupid looks like she has a gun pointed at her head.They supposed to be newlyweds but she give him no tenderness at all! Even though pretend. Sick of seen her in the kitchen like a servant! Please change her to become more confident and careful. Always about formality who is going to hear her soon. Then they risk Yusuf! Why has Yaman not look at camers to catch Zulhan at his office screaming and trashing? And also who used his credit cards? They have cameras.
Tanisha Sharma
Tanisha Sharma თვის წინ
Can u please put the subtitles on
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela თვის წინ
S: God what I’m going to do now? Alone.... in one room.... Y: every new journey scares you as much as it makes you happy. But we’re already there. Don’t be afraid anymore. Our road is long. We have a long way to go together. S: since... we’re getting used to being together... then the other half is yours.
Monika Niekyte
Monika Niekyte თვის წინ
My favourite PROMO from legasy ever,❤️❤️❤️
girl dz
girl dz თვის წინ
عشت في الاعلان 😭😭😭♥️
Яница Бисерова
Яница Бисерова თვის წინ
They develope Seher and Yaman characters and nobody else. Yusuf either sleep or eat, nothing else. He doesn't go to pre school or kinder garden. All other characters are only as background of the series :)
Bluey Bird
Bluey Bird თვის წინ
Yeah , 😂🤣 but they’ve already decided that he’ll join school next yr 😂😂
Syeda Tanveer
Syeda Tanveer თვის წინ
Subtitles plz
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela თვის წინ
S: Dios, ¿qué voy a hacer ahora? Solo ... en una habitación ... Y: cada nuevo viaje te asusta tanto como te hace feliz. Pero ya estamos ahí. No tengas más miedo. Nuestro camino es largo. Tenemos un largo camino por recorrer juntos. S: ya que ... nos estamos acostumbrando a estar juntos ... entonces la otra mitad es tuya.
Lizel Bekker
Lizel Bekker თვის წინ
looks like a very nice road trip, Sehar looks more relaxed, so glad they are getting away frm the 2 wicked witches for a while, i hope the file can stay hidden for a few more days and hopefully Iqbal will not phone again with some sort of crisis that she cant deal with
Ibo Celilzade
Ibo Celilzade თვის წინ
Ya birinizde Turkce yazinda anliyim😊😊
Volcano Jackal
Volcano Jackal თვის წინ
Oh wow!! If the story itself is a letdown for some, the promo and your comments are sooo full of inspiration for me. Hahaha! Sharing my 4th scene of what I hope to see.... "Yusuf was right." Seher whispered as she leaned over Yaman who was sleeping on the couch. "You do smell like lemon." Upon finding her husband asleep on the couch, Seher had quietly walked up to him. She had intended to remove the pen and file that he was holding in his sleep but was distracted by his nearness. Lowering herself closer to his face, she inhaled his scent. Lemon. Smiling to herself, she studied his handsome features. His thick black hair that she only once had seen ruffled after his shower, was still emaculate. The faint lines of constant frowning between his thick brows, were inching her fingers to smooth them out. The dark lashes fanning the lines of tiredness under his eyes, are evidence resulted from shouldering years of responsibility and stress. Even in sleep, his straight nose defines his supposed arrogance. His lips rarely smile. They were always in a firm thin line or snarling when she first knew him three months ago. Seher recalled the time when they were taking photos for their Social Media. A soft giggle escaped at the memory that she quickly covered her mouth with her hand. Looking quickly towards his eyes just in case her giggles woke him, she was relieved to see that he was still in his sleep. "Shhhhh, the Giant sleeps," Yusuf would have said, Seher mused. His eyes are a mirror to his soul. They hold words that he cannot say out loud. Seher was just turning to put her book away when he came in last night. He spoke his heart out thinking that she was asleep. She wanted to leap out of bed and jump into his arms. Then she had to keep still when she heard him mumbling, "Did she hear me? I hope not. That's not true. I hope she heard me. Because she needs to know. She has to know. I cannot keep what I feel inside anymore. But what if she is all fidgety around me because this isn't what she wants? What if she just want formality not real? What if...? What if..? But, I didn't say I love her right? Did I? I do. Not that I don't love her. How can I not love my beautiful beautiful beautiful wife? God knows I do but what if... what if.... what if she don't feel the same? Arif Baba if only you can see me now. You'd be throwing meatballs at me. What am I going to do?" His sigh was heartwrenching. "I heard what you said last night." Seher whispered as she hovered her fingers over the side of his face, not daring to wake him. She sighed, "You have no idea how happy you made me. So happy. Thank you." After a few moments, her hand lowered to take the pen from his hold. Her fingers froze when his eyes suddenly opened. "You... did?" His eyes narrowed at her quiet nod. "How much?" "Everything. Arif Baba. Meatballs. Seriously?" Yaman groaned at her reply. He took hold of her hand that was on his and pulled her closer to him. They were nose to nose when he spoke in a husky whisper, "I am not used to talking about such topics." "I know. That's what makes it more special." Seher whispered shyly. "So.... you...me... ?" "Yes." Seher blushed. Hours later as they were driving to their honeymoon destination.... "You okay?" Seher nodded as her mouth was full with a bite of the apple that she was sharing with Yaman. "You really mean what you said about us getting used to being together?" Again she nodded. "Not to scare you but we will be sharing a one bed cabin at the end of this long drive. There is only one bed." "If you think I'll be afraid of sharing a bed with you, don't worry. You can have the pillows and blanket. I can sleep on the mattress in my jacket. That's counted as sharing, right?" Yaman slammed on the brakes. His blazing fierce eyes glared at his wife who was holding her cheeky smile, watching him from the corner of her laughing eyes. "What? I am kidding." She said in all innocence when she finally turned towards his growling. "You... you... you.... " he breathed deeply. Seher patted his tight fist that was still gripping the steering wheel. She then released her seat belt to lean over and kiss his cheek. "I'm sorry." She fluttered her eyelashes as her hand moved from his fist to stroke his thigh. "You keep doing that and we'll end up sleeping in this car right on this empty road." He growled. "Well, it is not like we have never slept in this car together before." The end.
Volcano Jackal
Volcano Jackal თვის წინ
@Qurat Nida 😁
Qurat Nida
Qurat Nida თვის წინ
@Volcano Jackal oh thanks, I haven't watched it yet but now I'll read yours first to enjoy my weekend 😜
R k
R k თვის წინ
@Volcano Jackal good morning to you too😊I'll get to it immediately
Volcano Jackal
Volcano Jackal თვის წინ
@Qurat Nida Hi. I just posted a new ending scene in the comments of main episode 125. Hope you like it. Happy weekend!
Volcano Jackal
Volcano Jackal თვის წინ
@R k Good morning!!! Just posted a new one in the main episode of 125. A little naughty of me today. I left it as an ending from Yaman's point of view. Happy reading.
Abc Abcd
Abc Abcd თვის წინ
Very nice
leah valdez manzano
leah valdez manzano თვის წინ
Im excited for the next episode🥰🥰🥰❤️😍
Robiya Xadija
Robiya Xadija თვის წინ
Too long fragman, Nazmiye, when will be finish
Silvia Shioji
Silvia Shioji თვის წინ
It's so boring! 123 episodes, and still the same thing, İkbal keep doing evil actions! I don't want to watch it anymore, it really became boring!!! So many flashbacks, also is boring. How long the author will still keeping İkbal evil plans? It's taking too much longer, the author hasn't imagination anymore? Really want this İkbal chapter finish!!! Put another people doing drama, other actors, finish it. I love this serie, I want second season without İkbal/Zuhal!!!
Huseyn Xemmedov
Huseyn Xemmedov თვის წინ
Əyər bu nazmiye bu bal ayının için zibil etsə heçkim bu diziyi seyir etməz burda nazmiye səslənirəm aç kulağını eşit kafana görə yazma madəm seyirciyə çəkilib bu dizi ona görə yaz yoxsa kəndin koyub deyir edəcəksən necə ki yemini seyir etdiyin kimi bu dizide əyər kotuluyə çox yer versən baxan olmayacağ bil. Zatən günümüz əsəb di axşamları oturursan ki bu dizi seyir edəsən orada zülüm qədarliğ görürsən bu nazmiyə bilinir pis cadının biridi yaxşı insanları sevmir
Noelia Bertone
Noelia Bertone თვის წინ
Deseo de corazón que se dejen llevar por lo que sienten estando solos. ❤❤🙏✨
Əqdəm Yusifli
Əqdəm Yusifli თვის წინ
Seher yaman
Cemil yusifov
Cemil yusifov თვის წინ
Burdan Ziyaya sesleniyorum😑 Ziyacım bak dizi çok iyi gidiyor bişey yapma olurmu 😐😐😐
mehman emil Axmedov
mehman emil Axmedov თვის წინ
Huzurmuzu bozmasın
Ha Mns
Ha Mns თვის წინ
Ayyyyyyyy hadi insalah her sey guzel oldu
Sumayya naz
Sumayya naz თვის წინ
I doubt, He will find the file in friday promo and on monday there will be another scenerio,,, just to make us more curious 🙄😬😂
Zulfizarhon Holdarova
Zulfizarhon Holdarova თვის წინ
Yaman sahari kukusudan uyanirmi acaba
Nyl Annie
Nyl Annie თვის წინ
And when the couple admit their feeling for each other ... the file is show up and ruin everything!!! Thanks to the writers a big applause 😠😠
Shemkir seyfəli
Shemkir seyfəli თვის წინ
Biraz yaklaş yamana sevgini itiraf et gözəlim
Shemkir seyfəli
Shemkir seyfəli თვის წინ
İnşalah karı koca dönərlər 💋🧿🌠😘
Shemkir seyfəli
Shemkir seyfəli თვის წინ
Gunaydın biz olmaya alşiyoruz deməy yanı yaman aşqını itiraf edif arkadaşlar bən anlamadım💋
Zuleyxa Novruzlu
Zuleyxa Novruzlu თვის წინ
Nata Silva
Nata Silva თვის წინ
Pobrecito el gigante esta rendido del cansancio, que tampoco el pobre es el hombre de acero vaya! Jeje Al fin doña Seher se atreve a algo a acercarse, olerlo (olerlo 😍 que rico debe oler), a abrirse a que quiera o no empezó a compartir la vida más de cerca con el y se lo dijo sin titubear! 👏👏🎉💕 Ahora pruebas más a la vista en poder de Ziya.. Estos dos en camino a la honey moon con más libertad de expresarse!!! Las expectativas empiezan a crecer! 🙊⏱
sonali rawat
sonali rawat თვის წინ
Adam and eve are about have forbidden fruit now
Maria Tillery
Maria Tillery თვის წინ
Saher actually appears to show interest in Yaman!!! I cannot believe it! Tomorrow looks promising!😍
Nayl Vargas
Nayl Vargas თვის წინ
Bonita escena de Yaman dormido🤩😍😊Esperemos que pasen momentos lindos en la luna de miel 🙃Seher se acerque más a su esposo 🙌🙌🙌🤪 No pedimos mucho 😁🤭🙌
Mary Pieratt
Mary Pieratt თვის წინ
Oh just kiss the poor guy…sheeesh
Sangita Sau
Sangita Sau თვის წინ
𝓮𝓰𝓪𝓻𝓵𝔂 𝔀𝓪𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓸𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓻𝓸𝔀 𝓮𝓹𝓲𝓼𝓸𝓭𝓮 .....
Dd Ddlxtzgl
Dd Ddlxtzgl თვის წინ
Ok we get it you like slow motion.But know that we don’t like more than 2 seasons.
Cecilia Pillai
Cecilia Pillai თვის წინ
Eve gave apple to Adam 😀
Vivi Mejia
Vivi Mejia თვის წინ
Se acabaron las traducciones al español
Anahi Contento
Anahi Contento თვის წინ
Porque quitaron los subtitulos en español? 😔
S J თვის წინ
Marlen Marzan
Marlen Marzan თვის წინ
English subtitle please 🥺 I'm dying watching yaman and seher.. I've been watching this series but some of it I cannot understand because it doesn't have an english subtitle..😢😢
S J თვის წინ
Fabiola Andrea
Fabiola Andrea თვის წინ
Que lindo cuando lo huele se ve su esprecion con tanto AMOR 😍😍😍😍 que conmuebe saludos desde Santiago de CHILE
Everything Matters
Everything Matters თვის წინ
Why no more english sub? Huhuhu
Amo Foleven
Amo Foleven თვის წინ
Hello fellow fan club members, if ziya who is unstable took the files, trusted seher enough not to publicize them before the wedding, ( we all saw the flash back of the tension and confusion ziya was in when he found the file on Zuhel's bed, even telling himself seher is not that kind of person, she can't do that .......) do we think Yaman who is wise, knowledgeable, smart and 8n love with seher will beleive the sisters snakes, despite all the evidences he has and knows? Eg... 1) fake marriage for Yusuf's sake 2) signed prenuptial papers 📃 3) Zuhel's verbal accusations 4) Yaman will talk to selim 5) Ariff baba, cenger and Nadim support and advice 6) Farit and Ali will talk to selim 7) mother Nadine's influence 8) Ikba and Zuhel will have to explain where they got the fake evidence from?? 9) nashiline's eye witness account 10) Numerous instances where saher has covered up to save Yaman Yaman eg. _ Ali could have imprisoned Yaman if seher had given evidence that Yaman implicated her with opening fake bank accounts....... 11) Salim holds the key to most things in the fake file _ fake audio recording, Salim could debunk that if he still has a conscience. _ fake pictures at fake restaurants with salim Salim could prove that they were staged. _ money transfered from seher's account to selim could be cleared if selim confesses. God help us all with this twisted unending love drama
Habiba Fanie
Habiba Fanie თვის წინ
Remember Cengers advise to Seher, LEAN BACK THERE IS A MOUNTAIN BEHIND YOU THAT WILL NEVER COLLAPSE. I think he wasn't only talking about Yaman, he was talking about all the people that knows her character & those will be her Mountain, only my opinion. 🙏
İbrahim Halil
İbrahim Halil თვის წინ
How cute yaman sehar 💕💕💕
Marina Lopez
Marina Lopez თვის წინ
Hay DIOS amo a Yaman y mas cuando sonríe😍🥰😘💖🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳
May Galuvao
May Galuvao თვის წინ
We really don’t want to be disappointed over and over again.... seher will be eyes going different direction when Yaman try to be close to her
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